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When it comes to selling residential or commercial property, quality photographs make all the difference in whether buyers want to take a closer look. With ReMethod creating high-resolution photos for your listings, you’ll generate new leads and sell more homes than ever before. There’s a reason why so many real estate agencies are taking more time and investing more money into professional photo and drone media services- better images draw attention to listings and result in more sales. Get in touch with ReMethod today for more information on our aerial photography company.

5 Tips For Making The Best Property Listing Videos & Photos

1. Take an hour or two out of your busy schedule and tour your own home as if you were the buyer. Look at every space from different angles to create photos that look more spacious and inviting; if possible, avoid taking pictures of walls with family photos and items that personalize your home, but not for the buyer. Good photographs show off your home’s best features, accentuating the positive and minimizing its flaws. If you need an experienced aerial photography company, make a call to Remethod.

2. Take photos at the right time of day- not at the last moment when the sun is setting for the day. Blue skies not only make your photos shine but also create a happy atmosphere that makes your home look more attractive. Call on Phoenix drone pros from ReMethod for the best results.

3. Arizona drone photography can create a unique vantage point for potential buyers, giving them insight into what your home looks like from above. If your home is protected by attractive metal roofing or your landscaping features create curb appeal, drone and aerial photography can help to sell your home quickly.

4. Instead of trying to create a ‘lived-in’ look, remove excess items that make your home look cluttered. Take down refrigerator pictures, framed photos, coffee table books, and other knick-knacks that distract buyers from making your home feel like it’s their home.

5. Avoid excessive staging before taking photos. Give buyers every opportunity to see spaces inside of your home that deserve their attention, then consider staging for walk-throughs and open houses.

Additional quick tips that will make a big difference in photos include:

  • Washing windows on the inside and out
  • Opening up curtains or blinds for more natural light
  • Turn on lights and check all bulbs before taking photos
  • Create as much distance between you and your target shot when indoors
  • Take photos indoors from chest height
  • Mow and edge your lawn
  • Deep clean the bathroom

Best Drone Photography Services

When it comes to photographing the outside of your home for your listing, drone photography will make your ad stand out. At ReMethod, we offer a range of services to help your listing attract more attention, such as drone photography & videography, virtual tours, virtual staging, premium hand-blended photos, twilight photos, and more. Feel free to contact our team for more information.

Property Listing Photos Phoenix

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