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The military initially created drones, but they have grown so commercialized that there are now more than a hundred different ways to use them for business. Real estate drone photography helps the buyers make decisions a lot faster because they can see everything they need to know to determine if the home is worth the investment.

Using drones to showcase the property’s full potential is not a new aspect of the market, and we suggest you take your time to look further and deeper for a professional who truly understands their work. Drones are not created equal, and neither are the photographers. There is a vast difference between a beginner photographers treating their jobs like a hobby and a full-time aerial photography company that relies on customer satisfaction to attract new clients.

Tips On Choosing The Right Drone Photographer

Check For Licensing And Documentation For Drone And Aerial Photography

The FAA is not lenient on business owners who operate drones without licenses and will automatically stop your operation. We suggest that the first thing you do when picking a drone license is to confirm whether they have a pilot license for remote aircraft. You want a drone photographer with insurance that will protect your project against liabilities such as a personal injury during work and damage to their equipment due to something in your real estate.

Feel free to ask our photographer for Phoenix real estate about our insurance plans, and we will be glad to let you know all the conditions we have included in our package to make the process run better.

Confirm That They Know How To Produce Desirable Results

Professional drone footage has excellent pacing, composition, color balance, and stabilization. You want to check the photographer’s portfolio and see that they have produced similar kinds of work in the past. Consistently great shots prove they know a thing or two about clever engineering and will instantly turn a plain and dull video capture into a desirable trademark. Some of the things we have mastered to produce better shots include:

  • Planning for traffic so we know the best time to capture bigger shots without vehicles, humans, boats, and other aircraft interference.
  • Planning around the light and weather conditions to help reduce the glare and allow for natural orientation. Early and cloudy evenings give a lot of shadows, and it would be a nightmare to edit these out.
  • Real estate photography has specific settings and formats, and the best way for us to always get it right is to prepare in advance and verify that the autofocus and quality show the correct color and lighting.

What Is The Story Line Behind The Shots?

Superb and unique shots are great, but adding a storyline is even better because it adds an impersonal impression that resonates with a bigger group of people. It is always recommended that you have a sit down with the photographer to discuss what kind of angle they may be able to use in the Arizona drone photography project to bring out your brand’s value and the property’s unique features.

Contact our Phoenix drone pros online to get started with consultation on the best drone photography services.

Photographer For Phoenix Real Estate

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